• Product Design

Designing a pair of innovative running shoes.
ENKO is creating a new type of running shoes, based on a unique and revolutionary technology. It is a new running experience that gives you more running power and better comfort.
This ground-breaking shoe is keeping all the energy in your step, while bringing you forward. When your foot hits the ground, with a classic shoe, the energy is dispersed and completely lost. The ENKO running shoes returns this energy with every stride. It is a perfect running shoe that adapts to the weight of the rider, designed to prevent injuries and provide total comfort.

We created the design and color range of the shoe. In parallel we produced the creative strategy, logo, graphical chart, websites, crowd funding campaign, several films etc.

The Enko runnings received the Label "L'Observeur du design 2016". L'observeur du design is an international design award that identifies and rewards each year the most innovative achievements in terms of design and innovation.