Fnac & Parrot AR-Drone


Promotional web skin for the launch of the AR-Drone

At the launch of the AR.Drone, Parrot and Fnac have asked us to create a promotional background design for the site Fnac.com.
Presented by Parrot for the first time at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, the AR-Drone is the first consumer- drone driven drone by a smart phone.

Fnac & Parrot AR-Drone
Promoting by game

Cubedesigners proposed to promote this new high-tech toy with a leader board enhanced advergame, while remaining within the initial budgetary envelope. This was fitting very well with the playful image of the product and the way it is used, which is including knocking down virtual targets in augmented reality.

Fnac & Parrot AR-Drone
An Asteroids-like on Fnac.com!

Passion for retro-gaming, we wanted to pay homage to the Atari game released in 1979: Asteroids. The drone and asteroids were modeled in 3D to generate visual quality sprites honoring the product. The game itself was programmed in Action Script 3 and the leaderboad using PHP / mySQL technologies.

A striking advertising campaign

Finally, Fnac and Parrot were pleased to offer this striking advertising campaign, for the price of a standard mini site. The time invested in this project by Cubedesigners remains largely mysterious, because beyond production time, a lot of hours were devoted to trying to beat the highscore leaderboard on the dedicated page of the site Fnac.com .