Naming / Logo / Brand Identity / Industrial design / Website / Motion graphics

A full service project

This project started with an idea: re-think and create a new type of running shoes. The project leader initially contacted us for the design of the shoe itself. Finally he trusted us with every facet of the communication in order to have a strong, consistent and global look and feel through al medias.
We produced the creative strategy, logo, graphical chart, websites, kick starter campaign, several films and of cause... ... the design of the shoe.


First we created the name: Enko. Contraction of energy control, that it is unique, powerful, and confirms the technical aspect of the product. The tagline was established as 'comfort and power!'
Then we designed the logo, reflecting the mechanics of the product, through an impactful identity. Variations was created to suit all possible use cases: brand communication, product labeling, textile labeling ...

Product design

For the design of the shoe, we wanted to highlight its main innovation: the unique mechanical and articulated sole. The design of the shoe is therefore centered around this sole, and the lines it forms. The shock absorber is thus very present in the design, as well as the switch to change from walking to running mode. The side strips on the footwear part bring an excellent fit to the foot while reinforcing the brand identity K monogram and the diagonals of the brand. The Enko runnings received the Label "L'Observeur du design 2016". L'observeur du design is an international design award that identifies and rewards each year the most innovative achievements in terms of design and innovation.


It is a complete set of sites that we have created to give maximum visibility to the product. First, we created a product website (in English and French) to sell the shoe online (webdesign, production images, content writing, creating videos and web development). In parallel, we created a site dedicated to mobile. By creating the mobile site apart, we optimize the user experience, taking into account the specificities of use (small screen, touch navigation, short consultations ...). Finally we created the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page.


The first is a "product" film that focus on the pleasure the Enko shoe brings to the runners. We have created this video from A to Z, including concept, storyboard, design, copywriting, animation and music. The second is a film presenting the genesis of the product, through an interview with the creator. The goal was to do a personal portrait of the creator that enables affection so people contributes to the project on the crowd founding site.

Customer testimonial

We particularly appreciated the professionalism with which Cubedesigners led this mission forward. The team showed, in addition to his skills, excellent ability to react and adapt quickly to what we asked them. In the future we will continue to use the services of Cubedesigners, with the assurance of quality work and respecting deadlines.

Jacqueline Pommier & Christian Freschi, founders of Enko SAS