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Cubedesigners, Industrial design, graphic design and multimedia studio


Custom-made design Cubedesigners is a design studio offering solutions within the industrial design, graphic design and multimedia areas. Established in 2002, the company is still composed only by people coming from creation fields. With flexibility and expertise, we are building solutions designed case by case for each client. Today, Cubedesigners is composed of two studios, one in Paris and the second one in Montpellier (south of France) working together. Our specialty: custom-made designs. Our goal: always serve your identity in a more original, sensitive and outstanding way. Industrial Design Our experiment in product design (industrial design) led us to apprehend many fields, from toys to consumer electronics, from housewares to medical equipments... For every work, the methodology is the same: starting from your constraints and the environment of the product, we are producing a book of ideas mixing sketches and 3D modeling. From this book of ideas will emerge your new products that we finalize in 3D CGI. Then, if needed, we implement and supervise the realization of models or prototypes, and we follow the industrialization of your new product. These products will be the synthesis of many constraints: functional, ergonomic, aesthetic, communicative but so emotional and cultural. Graphic Design and Interactive Design With a team recently reinforced in graphic design and Flash programming (action script and dynamic Flash with XML), we work on all types of graphic medias:
  • for paper media: logotypes, posters, booklets, packagings...
    for screen media: Websites (design and complete production), interactive installations (for museums, shops, cultural events...), video games, motion graphics, interface design for softwares...and our new solution for publishing online catalogues and interactive brochures: Fluidbook (
  • This developement allowed Cubedesigners to widen its field of intervention in multimedia creation (motion graphics, action script, video, sound design...) and to realize innovating installations, using the infinite possibilities opened by the confrontation of the various numeric media.



    Again a new exhibition for the Cité de l'espace, "Explorations extrêmes"

    2014-04-26 More information : Cité de l'Espace Explorations extrêmes

    Design and production of the "Centre de Cancérologie du Grand Montpellier" website.

    2014-01-15 More information : ccgm CCGM

    Graphic design of the "Mars" exhibit, for the Cité de l'espace

    2013-11-28 More information : Cité de l'Espace Mars exhibit

    Cubedesigners produces a website for the video game Disney Infinity for La Fnac / Disney

    2013-07-16 More information : Disney Disney Infinity Website

    Graphic design of the "Valentina" exhibit, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the first woman in space.

    2013-05-30 More information : Cité de l'Espace Valentina exhibit

    Cubedesigners moves its montpellier office! please see our new address below


    Cubedesigners finalized, after 5 years of work, the graphics of the exhibitions at "la Cité de l'espace", the space adventure park in Toulouse.


    Release of a new website for Microsoft Windows 7 !

    2012-06-29 More information : Microsoft Windows 7 showcase

    New Projectif website by Cubedesigners

    2012-06-07 More information : Projectif Website

    New RBC Mobilier website by Cubedesigners

    2012-05-21 More information : RBC Mobilier Website

    Hercules releases its new webcam "HD Twist", design by Cubedesigners

    2012-01-12 More information : Hercules Webcam HD Twist

    New version of Fluidbook website!

    2011-09-15 More information : Fluidbook Fluidbook V2

    Release of the new website of preventicom | More info


    New Powerspace website by Cubedesigners.

    2011-08-09 More information : Powerspace Webdesign of is live! Webdesign by Cubedesigners.

    2011-08-09 More information : Wondercity Webdesign of

    Release of the Hexis Energy website!

    2011-01-07 More information : Hexis Energy

    Release of a campaign for AR Drone on Playfrance

    2010-08-17 More information : Fnac Gaming Online interactive ad for the AR Drone launch

    Release of a new website for Adobe CS5!

    2010-07-15 More information : Adobe Adobe CS5 campaign website

    Cubedesigners nominated at European Excellence Awards 2009 for 4D corporate website.


    Design of Heredis 11 software: graphic identity, packaging, icons...

    2009-11-17 More information : BSD Concept Heredis 11

    Release of a new website for Freedent!

    2009-08-15 More information : Freedent White Les Occasion Freedent Website

    Cubedesigners release the new graphic identity of the Cité de l'espace


    Cubedesigners designs 8 posters for Tetrapak

    2009-06-15 More information : Tetrapak Process Illustrations

    CSSWOW Award


    Welcome on our new website!


    Cubedesigners creates the Venturi visuals for the Paris Motor show 08.


    Design and production of the United Investors website for Sycomore

    2008-10-15 More information : Sycomore Website

    FWA Award!


    Design and production of the Wofty website for Freedent

    2008-05-01 More information : Freedent White Freedent White website

    Design of Private Outlet, an online shop

    2008-04-15 More information : Private Outlet Private Outlet website

    Design and production of the Chez Boris website

    2008-04-05 More information : Chez Boris Website

    Design of GamesOfficer, an online videogames shop

    2007-12-10 More information : GamesOfficer GamesOfficer website

    New entry in the portfolio : a studycase made for Thomson

    2007-11-20 More information : Thomson Portable Media Player

    Design of all the graphics for the exhibit Cosmomania at the Cité de l'Espace

    2007-10-05 More information : Cité de l'Espace Cosmomania



    For any request, one email: the right agency will reply to you as soon as possible Paris studio Tel (+33) 1 44 24 18 53 Fax (+33) 1 83 64 34 71 Cubedesigners 46 rue de la Clef 75005 Paris France » Plan d'accès Montpellier studio Tel/Fax (+33) 4 67 02 71 47 Cubedesigners 12 Bis Rue du Général Maurin 34000 Montpellier France » Plan d'accès
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